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What is TIMBER FRAME construction?

TIMBER FRAME or sometimes-called POST AND BEAM is a centuries old style of building homes. There are many TIMBER FRAME homes in Europe that are over 500 years old and still in use today. The oldest example still standing in the United States was RAISED in 1658. The Amish have continued to build houses and barns in the TIMBER FRAME style even after they lost favor when the United States became more industrialized in the early to mid 1800’s. Interest in TIMBER FRAME homes has rebounded since the 1970’s and today there is more interest than ever before because of the “GREEN” aspects of the TIMBER FRAME method of construction. A full TIMBER FRAME home will contain 40% less lumber than a traditional stick built home.

A TIMBER FRAME home consist of framework or skeleton made out of large timbers fastened together with “MORTIS AND TENON” joints that are held in place by “OAK” wooden pegs. Once the frame is erected or “RAISED”, a two to four day process, the exterior materials are installed to make the home weather proof. The exterior could be wood siding, stucco, brick, stone or any other siding the owner would desire. One the home is finished it doesn’t look any different than any other well designed, well engineered or well constructed home. The difference in the interior, where all the “POST AND BEAM” are exposed to give it the “WOW” factor that sold the customer in the first place.

Tom Hardgrave, with his almost 40 years in the Construction, Cabinet and Real Estate business has been appointed the Independent Rep for TIMBERPEG®, Post and Beam homes for Northeastern Oklahoma area to help you with housing dreams, needs and wants.

Click on the link to go directly to the TIMBERPEG® website and look at the future of TIMBER FRAME homes.

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